May Day May Pole Activity

Celebrate May Day with your class with this fun May Pole Activity – Create a Maypole by attaching colorful streamers to a pole such as the basketball pole on the playground or make your own pole by placing a broomstick or large stick in a bucket and securing it with rocks or sand. To perform the May Day dance allow each child to hold a streamer and then walk/dance around the maypole until the pole is wrapped with the streamers and then they may change direction and unwrap the pole. If you have a large class you may separate the children into 2 groups, 1 group holds hands encircling the inner group who holds the streamers. As the children are dancing around the Maypole sing the following song:

Round the Maypole Song:
(Tune of “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush”)
Here we go ’round the maypole, the maypole, the maypole.
Here we go ’round the maypole, all on a May Day morning.

You may add variations to the dance by using different movements around the Maypole such as skipping, tiptoeing, hopping, etc.

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